Anyone interested in attending our reunions is encouraged to do so. Membership in the GitmoBay Association is not required to attend and join in the fun. Everyone is welcome.

Our reunion last year in Savannah, GA is now a memory, and for the record, everyone had a fantastic time. 

Since some of you were MIA we missed seeing your smiling faces and certainly hope that you will join us at our next reunion.  

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Registration and activity forms can also be found in the upcoming newsletter.

 Reunion Chair Mike Warman 407 323-3632 |

Be sure to book early since some tours have limited seating 

We were so happy to see many new faces in Savannah and hope we see many more this year.

2024 Reunion Hotel

Details coming soon

Reserve Early

Please don't wait too long to make your reservations, otherwise you may miss out.  You snooze - you lose!!

Wine & WINOs

Let's not forget our wine tasting. Join in and bring some wine from your area of the country. Last year the beer drinkers rose to the challenge by bringing several different locally brewed beers.  

Last year's bragging rights for the BEST TASTING WINE (2019) in Buffalo went to Mark Pajacki (award was not presented due to program activities)

Our in house, anonymous wine tasting committee, has gone AWOL - stayed tuned.

Attendance in Mobile was a little less than expected, but great fun for those hearty souls who did make it. Based on the number who indicated they plan to attend the DC reunion, we expect to see a good sized crowd.  Don't wait to book your room!!  If for any reason something unexpected pops up you can always cancel, at no charge, your hotel and reunion reservations.

 We sure hope to see you there.

Visit www.TREA.ORG for information on various other military reunions