Gitmo Trip 2017 March 10-17, 2017
Gitmo Trip 2017 March 10-17, 2017

This years trp to Gitmo, March 10-17, 2017 is now history.  We have submitted a request for another one week visit in February, 2018. As soon as information is reecived it will be posted. 

Guantanamo Bay Association

This site has been established to provide a meeting place for anyone past or present who lived (both military and or civilian) at Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba and are interested in joining and participating in the Guantanamo Bay Association, which includes holding organized annual reunions.


We have been granted command approval for another trip back to Gitmo March 10-17, 2017. Our travelers are home safe and sound, still suporting beaming smiles. What does that tell you. We have submitted a request for a viist next February 2018. Stayed tuned.   


Please contact us for exciting news and more information concerning our next trip to GITMO - seats are limited. Membership in the Gitmobay Association is required to participate with us on these trips. 

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Check out the latest news and information in Gitmo:

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